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May Edition

Hello all!

Summer has not quite yet reached Rochester, but the team and I are hopeful the Sun will return to Rochester soon! In spite of the lingering cold and rain, we've been keeping ourselves busy with several big events around campus. In case you missed what we've been up to, here's a quick look:

Rochester Institute of Technology logo.
ThermApparel's table at Imagine RIT.

ThermApparel's table at Imagine RIT.

ThermApparel back at RIT!

This month we went back to our roots and ran around campus for two large events— the Effective Access Technology Conference and Imagine RIT!

Both events bring national attention to RIT every year and fill the campus with everything from your grandmother to the nation's leading engineers and doctors.

Meeting so many different people at these events keeps us motivated to do more! There's always more people to help!


ThermApparel wins 2nd place at RVC!

For months we've been ironing out our business plan and pitch for "Rochester's version of Shark Tank", the Rochester Venture Challenge (RVC).

Competing in the RVC was really rewarding for us— we learned a lot about our mission and the steps we'll need to take so we can positively impact more people with more products in the future.

Placing 2nd out of the 35 companies that competed in the Challenge means a lot to us. It really shows how we've come a long way in the world of business (and might even know what we're doing).

Rochester Venture Challenge logo.
ThermApparel poses with 2nd place award at the Rochester Venture Challenge.

ThermApparel poses with 2nd place award at the Rochester Venture Challenge.

Walk MS logo.
Brad and Crystal at ThermApparel table in Walk MS Rochester.

Brad and Crystal at ThermApparel table in Walk MS Rochester.

ThermApparel at Walk MS!

My favorite events are ones that involve meeting the community;  it can be so easy to get mired in the islands of business or academia and forget all about real people and their real needs. For that we were very happy to attend Walk MS in Rochester and Buffalo!

Believe it or not, this were our first walks with the MS Society and we were so impressed by the turnout. The weather (40F and raining) may not have been in our favor but we had a lot of fun!

Before You Go

ThermApparel needs your help! We really want to spread awareness on heat sensitivity.  Did you know that over 75 million people in the United States alone suffer from heat sensitivity? Yet no one talks about it! ThermApparel wants to change that. In order to spread awareness we are collecting stories about heat sensitivity and how it affects people. Would you mind sharing your heat story with us? Share a post or photo online with the hashtag #myheatstory detailing how heat affects you and we'll share it with the world!

That's it for now! Keep an eye on our Events Calendar to see if we'll be near you this summer. Stay tuned for next month's Coolest Newsletter where I'll unveil one of our top secret projects!

Stay Cool,

Crystal R. Mendoza Paulin

ThermApparel Co-Founder