Don't let the heat get in the way of the things you love most.
It's time to take back your life, stay cool and be cool!


No one wants a bulky cooling vest weighing them down. That's why UnderCool weighs less than 2lbs— including the cooling packs!


Made from breathable mesh and wicking fabrics, the UnderCool is designed to keep you cool and dry. Our flexibility is unmatched!


Our slim design conforms to your shape, you can even wear it under your clothes. You can stay cool and no one else has to know!

"ThermApparel has flipped the script on cooling vests.
UnderCool is a game changer."

-Dave Bexfield, ActiveMSers

"UnderCool helps me keep up with my grandchildren."

"I have been living with MS for over 20 years and I've worked very keep to keep it from coming between me and my family. For years we avoided traveling in the summer because I couldn't handle the heat. I avoided other cooling vests because they were too big and bulky. The second I saw UnderCool I knew it was perfect for our next trip to Disney World! I was able to spend just as much time out in the sun as my grandkids, I love it!"

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