"UnderCool is a game changer."

-Dave Bexfield, Active MSers

"One frustrating fact of cooling vests is that they tend to be bulky, clunky, heavy, and most announce their presence like a 6-pound cyst growing out of your neck. People don’t want to stare or ask questions… but then they stare and ask questions. Thermapparel is flipping the script and has designed a vest—the UnderCool—that is virtually completely hidden, weighs less than two pounds, and lasts longer than many of their larger, full-vest competitors."

"UnderCool is 100% better than the bulky outer cooling vest I have been using for years!"

-Mark, Kansas

"I don't have to remove the gel packs to refreeze! I just roll up the whole vest, slim gel packs and all, into a package about the size of a sandwich, and pop it into the freezer for a couple hours. It will even freeze the gel packs solid in the refrigerator if there isn't room in the freezer. I can get the vest on and off with no problems despite my MS affected hands, and it is incredibly light. I could wear the vest under my shirt and have it disappear completely, but I generally wear it over a t-shirt so that I can easily toss it into the freezer while I am at home. In every way, a great improvement in cooling technology!"