The Invisible Cooling Vest for MS


Next Generation Comfort
UnderCool cooling vest is made from breathable and wicking fabrics designed to keep you cool and dry.

Revolutionary Cooling Tech
Our cooling packs keep you cool without causing ice burns so you can wear the UnderCool against your skin.

Cooling Made For You
UnderCool cooling vest weighs less than 2 lbs! Available in 5 sizes, UnderCool fits any size or shape.

“UnderCool is a game changer!”
– Dave Bexfield, Active Mser’s

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RehaCare is a distributor of rehabilitation products in Australia with a primary focus on therapy. They offer customers innovative and new product solutions that improve the independence and quality of life for individuals with injuries and disabilities.
RehaCare | PO Box 71, Cherrybrook NSW 212 | Phone: 1300 653 522 | Fax: 1300 736 194

ThermApparel is a small business making big waves in the MS world by designing the first lightweight, comfortable and invisible cooling vest, UnderCool. Check us out online, on our blog, or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

ThermApparel LLC. 125 Tech Park Dr. Rochester, NY 14620, 855-232-7233,