You've never cooled like this before...

Front and back view of UnderCool cooling vest.

UnderCool is...


Made from breathable mesh and wicking fabrics, the UnderCool is designed to keep you cool and dry. Our flexibility is unmatched!


No one wants a bulky cooling vest weighing them down. That's why UnderCool weighs less than 2lbs -including the cooling packs!


Our slim design conforms to your shape, you can even wear it under your clothes. You can stay cool and no one else has to know!


How to wear

Photo of woman wearing an UnderCool under her shirt. The cooling vest is virtually undectable.

Sick of bulky cooling vests cramping your style? We get it.

Just because you want to be cool and comfortable doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your appearance. That's why we designed UnderCool to be worn under your clothes. You can wear virtually anything over the UnderCool and no one will be able to tell you're wearing a cooling vest!

UnderCool features adjustable straps and velcro on the front to effortlessly fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Four cooling pockets along the back provide cooling relief where you need it the most.

Remember, stay cool!


Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Photo of cooling packs.


Before going out, store your cooling packs in a cold place for about one hour.

Photo of cooling packs being inserted into the UnderCool cooling vest.


Slide your frozen cooling packs into the hidden pockets on the back of your UnderCool.

Photo of woman doing yoga while wearing UnderCool cooling vest.


Put on your UnderCool and experience cooling relief like never before!


Are you ready to Stay Cool and Look It too?

Ships to the United States for under $19.99 and ships to the rest of the world for a flat rate of $45.99.