"UnderCool is a game changer."

-Dave Bexfield, Active MSers

"One frustrating fact of cooling vests is that they tend to be bulky, clunky, heavy, and most announce their presence like a 6-pound cyst growing out of your neck. People don’t want to stare or ask questions… but then they stare and ask questions. Thermapparel is flipping the script and has designed a vest—the UnderCool—that is virtually completely hidden, weighs less than two pounds, and lasts longer than many of their larger, full-vest competitors."

"I never thought I would wear a cooling vest and like it!"

- Meg Lewellyn, BBHWITHMS

"Our house is well shaded and tends to stay cool in the earlier half of the day, but by 3 or 4 in the afternoon, it’s pretty toasty.  I try and get house and yard work done in the mornings, but there is often more to do, and I have to wimp out.  But putting the vest on in the afternoon to go out and weed the garden, paint the front door, or even try and tackle the infamous laundry pile really helps. I have been impressed with the vest and much to my surprise I have been using it on a regular basis!"


"UnderCool is 100% better than the bulky outer cooling vest I have been using for years!"

-Mark, Kansas

"I don't have to remove the gel packs to refreeze! I just roll up the whole vest, slim gel packs and all, into a package about the size of a sandwich, and pop it into the freezer for a couple hours. It will even freeze the gel packs solid in the refrigerator if there isn't room in the freezer. I can get the vest on and off with no problems despite my MS affected hands, and it is incredibly light. I could wear the vest under my shirt and have it disappear completely, but I generally wear it over a t-shirt so that I can easily toss it into the freezer while I am at home. In every way, a great improvement in cooling technology!"

"UnderCool helps me keep up with my grandchildren."

-Susan, New York

"I have been living with MS for over 20 years and I've worked very keep to keep it from coming between me and my family. For years we avoided traveling in the summer because I couldn't handle the heat. I avoided other cooling vests because they were too big and bulky. The second I saw UnderCool I knew it was perfect for our next trip to Disney World! I was able to spend just as much time out in the sun as my grandkids, I love it!"


"I can continue to cycle and not be laughed at from fellow enthusiasts."

-Dan, Tennessee

"I began putting frozen water bottles in my jersey for long rides. This allowed me to ride hot southern days including humidity.
Along comes diagnosis of MS and the enemy of heat. Without my accidental (Lots of Ice in the back pockets) of my cooling jersey, I would have to give up riding.

But, Thanks to your company's cool vest, I can continue to cycle and not be laughed at from fellow enthusiasts. Discreet, effective and lightweight. Wahoo, thanks team. Now come up with cooling insert for my helmet!!!!"


The UnderCool was a ”Godsend” for me during the recent Hurricane Irma.

-Ronda, Florida

"I live in Fort Myers FL and I was without power for 5 days and our community was flooded after the hurricane. The temperature was in the mid to high 90’s with high humidity.  Not only was I not able to leave my home because of the flooding, I had no power, therefore, no A/C and no refrigerator or freezer for those 5 days.

Because your cooling packs are made from the special phase change material, they did not require a freezer.  I have two sets of cooling packs and was able to recharge the cooling packs by placing them with the bags of ice and the frozen water bottles I prepared. I had other water-based cooling packs that were in the freezer that had all melted. I don’t know what I would have done without your PCM cooling packs!!!"


"I have MS but MS doesn't have me. "

- Tanya Janssen

"I have MS but it doesn't have me. Thanks to my Thermapparel cool vest, I am also able to battle the hot summer days with my boy, doing what I love. Rein/ cowhorse and cutting!!!"