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need a perfect cooling vest for MS? look no further.

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Next Generation Comfort

UnderCool cooling vest is made from breathable and wicking fabrics designed to keep you cool and dry.

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Revolutionary Cooling Tech

Our cooling packs keep you cool without causing ice burns so you can wear your vest against your skin.

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Cooling Made For You

UnderCool cooling vest weighs less than 2 lbs! Available in 5 sizes, UnderCool fits any size or shape.


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ready to stay cool?

The Undercool


Our basic package: our signature UnderCool vest with 1 set of cooling packs!

Available in black or white 


Festival Bundle


Our most popular package! Our signature cooling vest with 2 sets of cooling packs!

Available in black or white


Adventure Bundle


Find long term relief with of our 2 signature UnderCool vests and 2 sets of cooling packs!

Available in black or white


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