You've never cooled like this before...

Photo of cooling packs made from phase change material.

Our phase change material is...


Our specialized slim design is made to conform to your body and provide maximum cooling relief without all the extra weight and bulk!

Long Lasting

Our packs provide cooling relief for up to 1.5 hours*! With our industrial grade packaging you can refreeze and reuse them for up to 20 years!


Our PCM is non-toxic, biodegradable, and FDA approved for use in cooling garments! No grease, no stains, and no worries!


Want more cooling packs for your UnderCool?

Photo of man wearing UnderCool cooling vest while cooking on the grill.

Hey we get it! Sometimes 2 hours* just isn't enough to cover that company barbecue, that football game, or your family's long-anticipated trip to Disneyland.

But don't fret, we got you!

Sometimes it's nice to have some extra cooling packs on hand to switch out on those long hot days. We made extra sets of our special cooling packs available on our shop!

If you need more packs you can always buy more, remember to always stay cool!


*Cooling times may vary depending on conditions and activities.