Alternative uses for your UnderCool Cooling Vest

Think your UnderCool is just for summer and then goes with the swimsuits to the back of the closet at the end of the season? Oh I say Nay! Nay! There are all kinds of places to be the coolest you (pun intended :-P  ). Here are a few ideas and suggestions
       - sitting around the fireplace

       - getting ready in the hot morning bathroom

       - (most important) going to the gym

       - Skiing (Yes skiing!)

       - Grandma's House (it’s 85˚F at mine during Christmas)

       - Cooking a big meal (think Thanksgiving or Taco Tuesday)

       - Doing laundry  

       - Hot flashes

       - Ice skating

       - Housework

       - Holiday Parties (why is it always feel like the tropics at those?)

       - Yoga

       - Snowshoeing

       - Holiday Shopping

       - Hiking

       - Concerts